We build IoL: Internet of Labor

1. Do your job perfectly and with love, and don't loose your private time for searching for a job.
2. Hire people that do 1.
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What is LabourTime?

LabourTime is the world’s only workforce as a service platform. Any user can make use of our platform with custom hiring requirements that go live with advanced on-demand notifications. Our AI systems, quality control, secure data and secure payments make us the best there is.

Users sign up with our quick and easy verification system, upload their requirements and our system takes care of the rest. We take the work out of getting work!

How it works?

1. Quick & easy registration

2. Upload your requirements

3. AI helps you get your job

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User Advantage

Simple and easy interface on any device: mobile, tablet or desktop Time to hire/work is greatly reduced AI sources your hiring/work needs Great for primary or secondary income Trustworthy system with verified and rated users
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Worker Advantage

Resumes and cover letters are now a thing of the past! Never spend months looking for a job ever again Great for primary income or side gigs Merit based. Even if you’re a student, proven work history gets you a job!
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Hiring Advantage

Huge reduction in cost to acquire high quality labour Significant time reduction to hire Our AI meets your hiring needs better than any recruiter or website could Intelligent planning and scheduling Intelligent insights


July 2014. LabourTime development is started.

April 2015. LabourTime is created and launched on labourtime.com.au.

April 2019. The creator and founder of LabourTime started to participate in The Internet of Labour ecosystem / platform project. How does it work videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2p33rQr33ZWKx7x9kGv0owry1GJgV2xL

January 2023. LabourTime got license key from iol and became an iol app.

February 2023. LabourTime is available on the list of iol apps in the NiXeL app as “Handyman”. Customers in the Handyman app can order visiting job performers to do some tasks/job in home or office such as installation or fixing of air-conditioners, TV sets, computers, fridges, printers, internet and other devices, furniture, bath, shower, sinks, kitchen stuff, carpets, small building repairments etc.

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The app with new UI design and following features:

  • accepts over 50 exchangeable currencies in the internal balance that linked to bank accounts;
  • includes payment types: instant bank transfer, cash, IOU, SINHRO;
  • multilingual: anyone can add any language to the user interface. New language will be available without upgrading the app;
  • workers can setup serving radius, price and payment type preferences;
  • customers also can setup maximal cost for an order and payment type preferences;
  • orders are delivered immediately to all suit and available workers that allows customers to choose the best worker that applied for the order;
  • the Handyman app is multilingual. So, users can use the app in the most comfortable language;
  • customers and workers are able to see rating and feedback of each-other.

March 2023. labourtime.com.au app is not supported anymore. Please, use Handyman app instead.

June 2023. DDN vpnf. launched the BomEbo app for massage therapists on-demand in public (early access) test mode. Presentation and MVP demo

You can launch Handyman app directly from the list of iol apps in the NiXeL app (Finance → Internal balance → iol P/PS slide). Install the NiXeL app: